Basha The Boss

Genre: Action
Starcast: Mamooty, Katrina Kaif
Director: I.V.Sasi
Music: Jassy Gift
Running Time:
Year: 2006

Inspector Balram (Mammootty) has become Deputy Superintendent of Police. During the construction of a College, a huge cache of weapons is unearthed from the land belonging to Hussain Sahib (Riza Bava). The Chief Minister appoints Balram to investigate the case along with Varma (Mukesh). The leads all points to the International smuggler Taradas (Mammootty) who is settled in Dubai. Taradas is the king maker of Kerala politics and has a state minister Mustafa as his right-hand man along with a local MLA Rani (Vani Viswanath) and a bunch of baddies (Rajmohan Unnithan, 'Spadikam' George and others). However, the ruthless Taradas has only one weakness-Film star Supriya (Katrina Kaif) who is deeply in love with the don. Balram works on this weakness and frames her up and puts her in jail. Taradas loses cool as he says -- ""Supriya is more precious than anything else in the world"". This leads to the confrontation between the cop and the don who has also the support from the government and a highly corrupt cop George (Siddique). And what follows is a cat and mouse game leading to a tame climax.


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