Genre: Detective Thriller
Starcast: Mamooty, Amla
Director: K. Madhu
Music: Illayaraja
Running Time:
Year: 1990

Sundaram(Jaishankar) has been charged with the murder of his brother's ( Sarath kumar) wife Vijayalakshmi. But everyone around him, including his sister Hema (Amala), strongly believes in his innocence. Raja (Mammootty) is a successful lawyer in Delhi and is requested to take on the case by Sundaram's lawyer (Y.G.Mahendran). Initially hesitant, Raja accepts the case when he realises that Hema, with whom he has had a couple of run-ins earlier, is Sundaram's sister. A who dunn it is most effective when it reveals the murderer to be someone who has been before our eyes all along. But viewers here have no chance of guessing the murderer, who comes out of the blue. But the person having complicity in the murder is a nice surprise. But here again, the movie does offer us many options. One of the key elements in a murder mystery is guessing the real murderer among the multitude of characters.


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