Director: Veeraprasad Neelam
Music: Jeevan Thomas
Running Time:
Year: 2009

Mahendra Varma (Suman) is a multi-millionaire and Samarendra (Samarendra) is his only son. Mahendra had lost his wife in an 'accident', while Samar was a child, but he did not remarry. Samar completes his education abroad and returns to inherit his mother's property. He falls in love with a girl Sanjana (Richa Soni), sister of a police officer Surya (Surya). Once Samar escapes a murder attempt and incidentally, the bullet was fired from Mahendra's licensed revolver. Later, Samar, Sanjana and their friends go for trekking expedition to Araku, where he faces another murder attempt, but he cannot catch them. However, Samar gets a mobile phone of one of the killers. When it rings, to his dismay it has come from Mahendra's mobile. Samar in a dilemma but his doubts are strengthened when he finds that the milk served by his father was mixed with some acid. This makes Samar to develop a hatred towards his father. Samar comes to know that Mahendra is moving with another woman and a girl. So, Samar criticises his father on his face but Mahendra does not understand why Samar has been acting like that. At this juncture, Sanjana tells Samar to enquire whether Mahendra had any relationship with that woman and girl. At that time, Samar comes to know that it is the family of Mahendra's friend, who died while trying to save Mahendra's wife in a fire mishap and lost his life to save Samar. Then Samar realises his mistake. At the same time, he comes to know another fact that, it was his maternal uncle Subbaraju (Rao Ramesh Rao), who killed his sister (Samar's mother). In order to grab the property, Subbaraju kidnaps Mahendra. In the climax, Samar fights to recue Mahendra and its to be seen that whether he is able to rescue him. "


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